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Make #MomLife the #BestLife

How I Make #MomLife the #BestLife

No doubt about it, #MomLife can be tough at times, but here are some easy ways I make it the #BestLife! If you’re like me, you can barely go a day without seeing the hashtag #momlifeisthebestlife or the “Mom Life, Best Life” quote.  However, at times I’ve recently questioned this popular catch-phrase. Maybe it’s because I stay at home or because […]

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Learning the Language of Toddlers

Learning The Language of Toddlers

Learning the language of toddlers is like learning a foreign language, but not like any of the ones they teach you in school! Before my daughter started talking, I remember a friend telling us how she’ll soon say words that sound nothing like the “real word” but you (and only you) will know exactly what she means.  Well, my daughter just […]

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Fun Green Food Ideas

Fun Green Food Ideas

With St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon, you can make mealtime a little more festive for your children with these fun green food ideas!     If you read my Valentine’s Day post last month, you know I like to celebrate the holidays with fun food ideas and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception.  Plus, since this […]

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Parents' Day Out

Parents’ Day Out: Kid-free time for stay-at-home parents

Let’s paint a picture. You, a stay-at-home-parent, occasionally find yourself daydreaming about sitting by yourself, drinking a hot (what’s that?) beverage, scrolling through your social media feed without a tiny human’s hands grabbing at your phone. Your kid isn’t quite ready (or old enough) for preschool, but if you aren’t able to get just a little time for […]

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Playdough and More Homemade Fun

The frigid winter weather often means being stuck indoors and with a toddler, that can spell trouble for everyone involved.  These homemade play ideas will help you both beat the winter blues.    Now that winter’s in full swing, the days gave turned overcast, cold and wet. It’s times like this, that as a stay at home […]

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Ten Types of Parenting Attention

After three years of parenting, I often find myself thinking about attention. Attention is a gift, perhaps the greatest gift. The quality of your attention says so much about who you are. How do you attend to your day, your family, your friends? Do you attend to the past, the future, or the present? As […]

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Nanny and children

Nanny vs. Daycare: Why We Chose A Nanny

Yes, we have a nanny. No, we are not rich. The word tends to elicit ideas of celebrities pawning their children off, but completely average people have nannies too! And I’m sure different people make that decision for different reasons, but it quite often is the best financial decision. Here are the hurdles we had […]

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Tips to help the picky eater

5 Tips To Get That Kid To EAT!

“Just One Bite” “Please Eat” “You will like it… just try.” If you have a picky eater these pleas probably sound familiar. Having a child who won’t eat is so frustrating. Trust me I have been there.  I have twin girls who are 2.5 years old now. My kids started off as great eaters. They […]

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