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Word Vomit

Word Vomit

Word Vomit. It’s not just a phrase from a popular teen movie, it’s an actual disorder. Okay, not really. But it feels that way. Symptoms typically include a burst of nonsensical, but excited, rambling. Your voice may also raise 2-3 octaves for no apparent reason. Population affected? Parents that have gone long bouts without adult […]

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Our Kids and Technology: Two Perspectives

Two Columbus Moms Blog contributors, Malini Swank and Aaron Taylor, discussed the role of technology in the lives of their families. The following is a portion of their discussion: Question: What technology is available for your children? Malini: My 4-year-old owns her very own LeapPad.  This was strategically purchased for two reasons. Number 1, because […]

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A SAHD in a SAHM’s World

I’ve been a stay-at-home-dad since August, so it’s been just over six months now. When my family moved to Columbus, I did not expect to be a SAHD. The plan was for me to continue teaching high school English and for my wife to continue staying at home with our children. Things did not go […]

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Ten Types of Parenting Attention

After three years of parenting, I often find myself thinking about attention. Attention is a gift, perhaps the greatest gift. The quality of your attention says so much about who you are. How do you attend to your day, your family, your friends? Do you attend to the past, the future, or the present? As […]

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Columbus Rec Centers

Rec Center Roundup: Toddler Edition

Rec Centers in Columbus There are so many fun places to take kids in Columbus that sometimes it’s hard to choose what to do on a free day! This list includes a roundup of recreation centers in our city that have open gyms or play times for toddlers and preschoolers. These are not classes that […]

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Potty training dont's

Potty Training Dont’s!

1. The Naked Weekend “Let your toddler spend the weekend naked,” the experts say. Well folks, get the tarp and the galoshes out because you are going to be wading through one heck of a weekend. Are you ready for the “where’s the poop” fact finding mission? Here’s a hint. It’s under your dining room […]

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Confessions of an “Older Mom”

Confession:  I feel like an old mom.  Okay, maybe that’s not entirely accurate.  I FEEL like a 25-year-old.  But I’ll just say it: this month I turned 39.  Which means I’ve begun the countdown to 40.  When it comes to being a mom, statistically speaking I’m old.  The average age of a first-time mom is […]

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