6 Ohio Road Trips to Take This Fall


Fall is a beautiful time of year for road trips! I love the scenery of the changing leaves and being out and about when it isn’t uncomfortably hot and humid! Here are 6 fun ideas for fall road trips you can take with your family in Ohio!

1. The Farm at Walnut Creek, Walnut Creek


This trip will take you almost 2 hours from downtown Columbus, but the scenery of Amish Country will make the drive worth it! The main attraction at this working Amish farm is a one-hour horse-drawn wagon ride to view many of the 500+ animals that live on the property.  You can also choose to drive your own car around the 2.3 mile loop to view the animals.  On the wagon ride, buckets of pellets are provided to feed the animals as you go. Some of the animals you will see include kangaroos, zebras, giraffes, elk, deer, pot-bellied pigs, llamas, camels, and much more!   The grounds of the farm are beautiful and you can tour the barn and house, play at the playground or shop at the produce stand and gift shop on the property! Mark your calendar for the Fall Festival dates: October 7, 8, 10, 14 & 15!

. . . For more Amish culture, have dinner at Der Dutchman!

2. Young’s Jersey Dairy, Yellow Springs


Young’s Jersey Dairy is full of family fun including petting animals, miniature golf, barrel rides, batting cages, a fun slide, and a Cowvin’s Kiddie Corral for the kiddos under 48″. You can pick your own pumpkins, run through a corn maze and, of course, treat yourself to their yummy ice cream at the Dairy Store! The trip to Young’s is just under an hour and they host several events throughout the year. Mark your calendars for October 7 & 8 for the Fall Farm Pumpkin Festival!

. . .  Before the festival, have brunch at Sunrise Cafe!

3. Little Buckeye Children’s Museum, Mansfield


Little Buckeye Children’s Museum is 2 floors full of opportunities for imaginative play for your kids. Designed for ages 12 and under, much of the museum is set up like a town with areas to play like an auto repair shop, grocery store, hair salon, school house, and more. There is also an area for water play, vehicles to ride on, a baby area and space for birthday parties. The museum is just a little over an hour from downtown Columbus and also hosts special events and story times throughout the week.

. . . While you’re there, walk down the street to take a carousel ride in downtown Mansfield!

4. Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati


The Museum Center actually consists of 3 Museums including Duke Energy Children’s Museum, Cincinnati History Museum and Museum of Natural History & Science as well as an OMNIMAX Theater, Cincinnati History Library and a research center, all within the historic Union Terminal. All 3 museums are amazing in their own way and a lot of fun for kids. The museum is currently in a 2 year renovation period in which the Museum of Natural History & Science, Cincinnati History Museum, and the OMNIMAX Theater will be closed. It’s still worth mentioning because the Duke Energy Children’s Museum is a lot of fun in itself if you are looking to make the nearly 2 hour trip to Cincinnati. Also, the museum is on the ASTC Travel Passport Program, which means your admission may be free or discounted if you are a member of COSI. (Call first to verify as these programs change from year to year.)

. . . For more local fun, take the kids to Washington Park!

5. National Museum of the US Air Force, Dayton


The Air Force museum consists of 4 large buildings filled with planes from all eras of U.S. history! The trip is just about an hour from downtown Columbus and the museum is free! There is a LOT to see here and you should plan to spend several hours. Many of the airplanes can be walked through, including several Air Force One planes and a recreated Space Shuttle. No food or drink are allowed in the museum, but there is a restaurant and a snack station on site.

. . . Afterward, have an iced latte at Press Coffee!

6. Velvet Ice Cream Factory, Utica


Summer may be coming to an end, but Velvet Ice Cream Factory is still open through October! The grounds of the Velvet Ice Cream Factory include a playground, a sandbox, a pavilion, a gift shop and museum area, as well as restaurant and an ice cream shop, of course! There are also live performances on Sunday afternoons! A 50-minute drive from downtown Columbus, you can join in on 30-minute tours of the museum, which take place on the hour from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM on weekdays. The tours are not offered on weekends, holidays and some Fridays. Check here for the tour schedule.

. . .  On your way home, have dinner at Route 62 BBQ!

Happy travels and happy fall!

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2 Responses to 6 Ohio Road Trips to Take This Fall

  1. Melissa @ Made by Melissa Lee September 1, 2016 at 8:53 am #

    I’m always looking for fun and different things to do on the weekend and now I have a few to choose from! Not that I don’t love your “what’s to do this weekend” posts on your own blog, but it’s nice to have a few ideas if we want to get out of the city. Thanks for gathering all of this information on fun family getaways!

  2. Julie Miller
    Julie Miller September 3, 2016 at 6:35 am #

    I agree, sometimes I get so caught up in what’s going on around Columbus (so much!) that I forget about the option of taking short road trips! It’s always good to get out of town, too! 🙂 Thanks for reading!